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When fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey book series found out that the storyline was going to be adapted for the big screen, there was a huge amount of excitement over who would play the lead characters. The female lead was obviously going to be a huge role for anyone in Hollywood but it was Dakota Johnson that ultimately won over casting and became the lead.

What was the name of the lead female character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise? Prior to being cast as the male lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series, Jamie Dornan had already started to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Yet, it was this leading role that really seemed to resonate with moviegoers.

What was the name of the lead female character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise?

There was a bit of controversy over his portrayal of the lead character in the film series since he seemed much younger than the actual character from the book series. What was the name of the lead male character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise? In the first installment in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, Anastasia "Ana" Steele was actually quite young and inexperienced. She was a college student and seemed quite different from the people that she hung around with in her social life.

While she seemed to have a great relationship with her roommate, the two of them definitely seemed to have two very distinct and different personalities. Yet, that didn't hinder them from being quite close as friends. Christian Grey's character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise was definitely quite unique due to his background. He was actually adopted into the family that he grew up with and that also meant that he had adopted siblings.

His older brother definitely seemed to be quite different in the way he was in both his professional and personal life but that didn't stop them from having a close relationship. When Anastasia "Ana" Steele was first introduced in Fifty Shades of Grey, she was just a college student that was trying to make her way through the world. The university that she attended was featured in both the book and film series and it showed a side to her that showcased how fresh-faced she was in regards to dealing with the world. While her roommate was definitely living the college life, Ana seemed quite different.

What was the name of the university that Ana attended? Christian Grey was seen as a huge tycoon in the world of business and he had an incredible amount of wealth and power. While his business was seen as a worldwide phenomenon that had locations all over the globe, there was one specific location that was highlighted throughout the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. This was the Seattle headquarters for Christian Grey's company and it was also the location for his first meeting with Ana. With Ana being a college student and Christian Grey being such a high-powered businessman, it's not surprising that these two wouldn't have a high chance of simply bumping into one another.

It was actually a chance meeting that brought these two together since Ana was filling in for someone else when she met Christian. Ana filled in for someone that was supposed to interview Christian at Grey House and that's where she met him for the first time. Who was Ana filling in for when interviewing Christian Grey? She wouldn't have ever thought that this chance encounter during a favor she was performing for a friend would wind up changing her life and ultimately turn into the first time she would meet her future husband.

The interview was actually part of a feature piece that was set to be published. While Ana was getting through school at Washington State University, she also held down a part-time job. It definitely wasn't anything glamorous but it did allow her to have some semblance of her own money and a life outside of just being a university student.

Exotic vanilla: Beloved flavoring is anything but plain, but it is pricey

Unlike other jobs that college students might take, this was at a store that wasn't going to get a huge amount of traffic from a young crowd. What type of store did Ana work in originally? With Ana's job being at a hardware store, it didn't seem like that was going to be a place that she was going to get a chance to meet a whole lot of different people. The crowd that came there wasn't exactly going to be the type that were looking to meet someone, as opposed to working at a nightclub. Yet, there did seem to be someone that was interested in her.

What was the name of the hardware store employee that seemed to like Ana? Anastasia "Ana" Steele was described in great detail in the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and filmmakers tried to exemplify this in the film adaptation. She was seen as quite studious and a great lover of English literature. This was something that Christian Grey found very appealing about her since it showed that she wasn't just another pretty face. He took an interest in what she was interested in and even gave her two very expensive first edition books. Who was the author of the first edition copies that Christian sent Ana?

While Ana wasn't exactly the type of girl that went out dancing to nightclubs every night or had numerous dates on any given weekend, that didn't mean that she was completely devoid of a social life. She had a small group of friends that she would sometimes go out with and one of them was an aspiring photographer. There definitely seemed to be some romantic interest on his part but she still considered him a friend.

What was the name of the friend of Ana that was an aspiring photographer? One of the most interesting aspects of the Christian Grey character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise was the fact that he had unusual ideas about his private life. This became a sticking point in his relationship with Ana but he was always very upfront and direct about his wants and needs in that regard. However, it was still very peculiar to Ana when she was first introduced to the special room that Christian had set up in his home.

What does Christian call his special room for him and Ana? While other people might not think of drafting up a formal document that needed to be signed prior to engaging in a romantic relationship, Christian Grey didn't seem to be conventional in any sense of the word. Although he definitely had a romantic interest in Ana, he wanted to go about it in a way that was quite formal and business-like. It even included a formal document that needed to be signed. What was the document Christian asked Ana to sign prior to starting their romantic relationship?

While having Ana sign a non-disclosure agreement upon starting up their romantic relationship definitely didn't seem very appealing, it was interesting how much things changed between him and Ana as they started to spend more time together. Rather than keep her hidden from the rest of his world, he included her in a way that made it seem like he truly had feelings for her. In one occasion, he even asked her to a dinner with his family. The casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey film series often received a few criticisms, which was largely based on the fact that fans of the book series had such a distinct look in mind for the cast of characters.

Just as Christian Grey's character was seen as completely different in comparison to the book series, the role of his sister was criticized as well.

While there were those that enjoyed seeing Rita Ora as Christian's sister, others weren't too keen on her performance. Christian Grey's biological mother was actually a woman named, Ella, and she was known to have been a poor mother towards him when he was a child.

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The memories from his childhood caused him to change and left him scarred, but that didn't mean that he didn't go on to have a great home life with his new family. His adoptive mother seemed quite caring towards him and the rest of his siblings. When Ana was first introduced in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series, she was seen as a girl that wasn't overly flashy.

She wasn't the partying type, despite being a college student and having a bit of an over-the-top roommate. She also worked at a hardware store and didn't seem to have much in regards to cash flow. Yet, she did have her own car and it was featured in the film series. What type of car did Ana originally drive?

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When Christian and Ana embarked on their new romantic relationship, it seemed like there were definitely going to be some perks to it. The two expensive first edition books were just the tip of the iceberg for Ana and it didn't take long for the gifts to become quite extravagant. One of the big gifts was a brand new car and Ana seemed completely overtaken by the surprise gift to her. What was the first car that Christian purchased for Ana? When Ana was no longer a student at Washington State University, she was able to move on with starting a job.

She no longer worked part-time at the hardware store and she went on to become an assistant to an editor at a well-known publishing company. The editor had a bad reputation of being a bit too hard on his assistants and Ana was actually on a long list of assistants that had come and gone.

What was the name of the publishing company that Ana began working for as an assistant? When Ana started working for Seattle Independent Publishing, it seemed like she had found a kindred spirit in one of her coworkers.

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The dynamic between Ana and her boss wasn't exactly easy-going but she did seem to have a great relationship and blossoming friendship with one of her other coworkers. This relationship continued once Ana grew a little with the publishing company and ultimately became this employee's boss. When Ana first started working for Seattle Independent Publishing, she soon learned that the editor that she was going to be working for wasn't exactly the most easy-going boss.

He famously had a number of other assistants that came and went and it looked like Ana had her work in store for her when she took on this new job. Yet, she didn't have to deal with him for long because she wound up replacing him. During the first installment in the Fifty Shades film series, the majority of the film seemed to revolve around the budding relationship between Christian and Ana. While there were definitely some great moments in their blooming relationship, the end of the film showed that Ana wasn't completely onboard with what Christian had laid out for their future.

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  7. She couldn't understand a certain aspect of the rules set forth by him and they ultimately broke up. One of the most interesting aspects of the romantic relationship between Christian and Ana was the fact that this wasn't the first time that he had this type of relationship.

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    He had a specific set of guidelines in the women that he interacted with on a romantic level and that meant that he had previous non-disclosure documents drawn up for his previous relationships. What was the name of Christians ex that stalked Ana and Christian? While Christian's tumultuous childhood definitely was part of the reason why he had such different feelings toward romantic relationships, there was also another aspect to his background. He actually was in a similar romantic relationship when he was quite young, with an older woman. While Christian currently has his views on romantic relationships, he once held very different views, specifically when he was with his former partner.

    When it was revealed that Kim Basinger was going to play the role of Elena Lincoln in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series, people were actually quite excited to see her on the big screen.

    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla
    Anything But Vanilla Anything But Vanilla

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